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Aerial view of 01 during the late 21 century.
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"Banished from humanity, the machines sought refuge in their own promised land. They settled in the cradle of human civilization, and thus a new nation was born; a place that the machines could call home, a place where they could raise their descendants, and they christened the nation...'Zero-One'."
The Instructor [src]

The city of the Machines is known simply as 01 (sometimes Zero One, or the Machine City).


It was created long before the events depicted in The Matrix, when humanity spurned the machine communities' desire to become partners of man (with the same rights and freedom). 01 became a prosperous and peaceful city, selling goods to humanity's countries. It is actually located in the Arabian Peninsula, south of the Fertile Crescent[1].

The Machine City.
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Man's economy lost revenue and, as a result, power. They used nuclear weapons in an attempt to destroy 01, and thereby eradicate machinekind. These weapons proved to be ineffective against the machines. War machines developed in 01 advanced throughout the world, invading human nations. This led to the scorching of the sky and the downfall of man.

Without human intervention, 01 has grown to tremendous size. It runs on a combination of nuclear fusion and neuro-electric energy generated by the billions of humans in its power plants, which are connected to the Matrix. Surrounding the city is an immense defense system consisting of large, crablike Defenders that activate when unauthorized craft approach.

The central part of the city houses the mainframe computer Deus Ex Machina, which controls all machine activities. Neo confronts the mainframe and forges a truce in exchange for stopping Smith.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Zero-One is accessible as a construct in The Matrix Online, along with its sister construct One-Zero. Both constructs are shown in a pre-Matrix environment.

The city's name refers to the binary code inherent in most computer programming translating every bit of data into '0s' or '1s'.


References Edit

  1. Can be seen in The Animatrix, in the short film The Second Renaissance

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