Versatran rear-view.

"It's the only choice."
―Versatran spokesman. [src]

The 01 Versatran was a commercial hovercraft automotive manufactured and distributed by the Machines of 01 during the late 21st and early 22nd centuries. Among one of the all-time hottest-selling exports in history, the Versatran was, essentially, the world's first ever commercial "flying car" and was a highly instrumental asset to 01's economic uprising. It was mostly marketed towards the human nations.



Versatran assembled at a 01 facility.

The Versatran was designed for both swift travel and manuverability. Utilizing hoverpad technology, it featured a patented vector thrust coil that ensured flight stability in the event of a catastrophic multi-engine failure. It was marketed as having the "flexibility of a helipod with the speed of high-performance air jet".


The Second Renaissance Part I

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