Acelerator spawn

Accelerator Spawn

Accelerator Spawns are large floating balls of code that are summoned and used by the Intruder in the The Matrix Online. These types of spawn had the potential to overwrite programs from Exiles to Agents and becoming hostile to even the infected's former affiliation. They are also given an increase in speed.


Chapter 9.2.3Edit

During Chapter 9.2.3, they were released by an inexplicably raging Halborn who then summoned/ created Accelerator spawn, among others. Agent Gray then decided to send Machinists to eliminate the Agents that have been overwritten by the code.

Chapter 9.2.5Edit

An accelerator spawn was located in Westview, where it overwrote the local Legion gang. The local collector in Sobra Shores, Father Jonas led the brethren and other Zionite operatives to the gang's leader, Jezebeth, who helped track down the accelerator.

Chapter 10.1.4Edit

In this chapter, Halborn's accelerator programs have proved to have been an advantage for The Merovingian against the machines. However, this did not stop the Frenchman from cutting him lose, declaring that Halborn's usefulness to him was at an end.

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