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Agent Griffin
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Agent Griffin was an Agent in The Matrix Online. Despite being a basic Agent, he had a prominent role on more than one occasion.



In Chapter 9.2.4, a confused computer hacker named "Murphey" believed himself to be an Agent, dressing himself up as an Agent and went on patrol around Richland and Downtown, as well as sometimes saying odd things such as long binary code. When Agent Griffin showed up, he explained the reason of the hacker's bizarre behavior. It was speculated that Murphey located a large cache of the Intruder's override programs, and that a close examination of the code caused error in his own programming.

During the Exile Sniper takedownEdit

When, in Chapter 10.1.5, the machine operatives posed as civilian targets in order to locate and eliminate an exile sniper who was attacking pedestrians in Morrell, Griffin was concerned that it the plan would fail because it would give the exile many opportunities to escape. However, the operation ended in success.

Later Chapter?Edit

In Chapter 10.1.5,

A previously unknown operative contacted the faction Temet Nosce, asking for help in reclaiming his former life from a program the Machines had put in his place. His attempt to assassinate the program was brought to an abrupt end by Agent Griffin, who shot him dead, and explained to the operative whose cooperation he had hired that the assassination target was a real bluepill, and that the would-be killer was in fact an exiled program. The Temet Nosce operative was skeptical of the Agent's spin on the story.

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