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"People keep saying Alex is like my big sister. I don't know why they do, but I trust her more than I trust anyone on this crew. She earns that trust from everyone she meets, it seems."
Neurophyte [src]
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Al3xandra is the navigator aboard the Novalis II. She is also a utility coder in the world of the Matrix.

Biography Edit

  • Source from MxO archive

Every group of people has the person who isn't quite the leader, isn't quite the loner, doesn't quite belong…

Al3xandra (never ask why she chose a "3" in her name!) wakes up many nights with relentless nightmares. She will only speak to Zion doctors about these nightmares, but the story has circulated that Al3xandra was subjected to "alien abductions" when she was a bluepill teenager. Whether these "aliens" were Exiles or Machines, they left an indelible mark on her personality.

In addition to intensive therapy with Zion doctors, she enjoys her own "therapy" by flirting endlessly with the male crewmembers. WanNi and Odran take these in stride, but Vashuo often dreams up more and more elaborate practical jokes in order to stay on top of her "hit list." In response, Alex will often step up her efforts with Vashuo, prompting Lelan to often ask "when the wedding will be."

Sawayaka, like all good leaders, realizes the need for an outlet for pent-up emotions, and subtly encourages her crew's antics, especially Alex's. Alex returns the favor by becoming efficient and businesslike at a single word from Sawayaka.

Neurophyte has especially welcomed Alex as a role-model, and follows her words and actions closely. Alex, touched by this trust, does what she can for her, even painting her RSI's face when Neurophyte did so on impulse.

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