Over the course of the last few days, I have analyzed the Dock scene from The Matrix Reloaded and I received a generous link from Operator Xensyria on the Matrix: Behind the Scenes. Using screenshots, I have discovered secret appearances of hovercraft in the dock and the order of the hovercraft pads.

Landing placesEdit

Zion Dock landing bay layout

Looking at the Dock, I have discovered the order of the hovercraft's landing pads.

  1. Vigilant
  2. Logos
  3. Icarus
  4. Novalis
  5. Vishnu
  6. Ganesha
  7. Nebuchadnezzar
  8. Gnosis
  9. Empty landng pad, but based on the size, I can infer that it belonged to the Osiris.
  10. Shiva. Could be the Brahma before some name changes by the editing crew.
  11.  Empty landing pad. Could belong to the Caduceus, since Ballard stayed behind to receive word from the Oracle.
  12.  Mjolnir

Screenshots from the Dock Scene Edit

Neb landing in Zion Dock

The Dock. But you knew that already, right?

Nitpicking. Joy.

So the Neb comes in from Gate Three, which, as seeing the Vigilant on the foreground bottom left and the Mjolnir foreground bottom right, is situated between landing pads 1 and 12. From left to right.

Icarus – you can make out its shape just below the Neb as it flies over.

Logos – distinct 4 hoverpads on top.

Vigilant – oh hell, the shape's all weird, but it's next in line, so yeah.

[Over the walkway]

Mjolnir – you can see it's the Hammer since it has that sort of checkered consistency on the side of the ship.

Unidentified Ship – but, by the shape of it and comparing it to sketches done my the editing crews, this ship could be the Ganesha, but it's not the same outline as the Dock plan image. So hmmmm.

Other PicturesEdit

Kid running up to Neo at Zion Dock

Dock Pic #1

So we see Kid running over to greet Neo when the Neb arrives at the Dock. I can assume that these three ships from left to right are the Novalis, Vishnu, and the Ganesha. How? Well, the walkway that Kid is running on is at a 90% angle to the Neb's landing platform when Neo comes out of the ship (since the opening cargo door is facing forwards.) Therefore, the three ships are on landing pads 3, 4, and 5. That means they are the Novalis, Vishnu, and the Ganesha.

Neo, Trinity, Link and Kid at Zion Dock

Dock Pic #2

We get to see a ship we never get to see again – the Icarus. The ships from left to right are the Mjolnir, Logos, and the Icarus. I know the one on the left is the Mjolnir, since we get plenty of beauty shots of her. The middle one is definitely the Logos, and the one on the right is the Icarus, based off of this sketch by the design team of The Matrix Reloaded – it has the shape of the Icarus sketch.

Icarus sketch

Icarus sketch

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