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The Apostles was a Machinist hovercraft which was captained by Velaios.


When BloodlustV was a bluepill assassin, he had a mission involving killing a girl named Nicole Richards, a childhood friend. When he did not do the job, the three crewmembers attempted to carry out the job. Fortunately, she survived the assassination, but was later killed by Tranta.

Wanting to find the answers to who killed her, he began hunting The Apostles' crewmembers. DropFree was the first to be found in the Zero One construct and was killed by Gien. He then went after Zynios, who had his emergency jack-out procedure by a technician spy, and later fell dead. In his dying note, he said believed that someone known as Boss was behind his death.

Bloodlust then went after the last crewmember, the ship's captain. Bloodlust ambushed Velaios when he was meeting with fellow Machinist, Tranta, in the Datamine. Velios escaped and went into hiding, with only Tranta knowing the location of the Captain.

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