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Archives are special Constructs outside of the Matrix governed by the Archivists.


Hidden across the Matrix are pockets of history salvaged by the Archivist's Society. These constructs are remnants of various points in time within the Matrix. Access is restricted to only those who have acquired a key. Archive keys appear in the form of books that can be purchased in specific bookstores across Richland. An archivist proxy would teleport those who carry keys to the construct of their choice, provided they met the requirements to enter.

Each construct is home to various exiled programs as well as a head exile. Typically these exiles possessed unique items not available in the Matrix. The nature of these items benefit the operative who acquires them greatly. Operatives face not only the inhabitants but also other operatives also vying for the same rare items. Each major faction maintains a heavily guarded section as a base for operations.

It is a vast and mysterious world, but those who strive to uncover its secrets will face a dangerous underworld ruled by the ruthless order of the Archivists.

Known Constructs Edit

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