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"A singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines."
―Morpheus [src]

Artificial Intelligence (often abbreviated to AI) is defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent behavior; computing machinery capable of duplicating human cognitive mental states.


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AI was developed by humanity in and around the early 21st Century, approximately, sometime between the years of 1980-2025. Humanity rejoiced in their breakthrough in making radically advanced forms of technology that later spawned entire populations of Machines.

After the Machine Rights movement and subsequent riots, the Machines retreated to the cradle of human civilization, Mesopotamia, and built a Machine City there which they named 01. Here the Machines prospered, developing more advanced technology, including the creation of new and better AI.

As humanity's economies failed in the face of this competition, they turned to other means to try to regain supremacy, launching a preemptive nuclear strike on the fledgling Machine nation. Instead of destroying the Machines (who were not as vulnerable to heat and radiation as humans), it led to the Machine War and the eventual downfall of humanity.

The War Edit

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During the war, the humans decided to remove the Machines' power source, solar power, by darkening the sky in what they called Operation Dark Storm. This didn't stop the Machines, as they developed a form of fusion and continued the war until the humans were entirely subjugated. Those who survived were placed in pods of fluid, and linked up to a simulated reality devised by the Machines, called the Matrix. From here, the Machines extracted the humans' thermal, bio-electric and kinetic energy.

The Matrix itself was developed by Artificially Intelligent sentient programs, most notably The Architect and The Oracle. Within it, all aspects of the world are simulated by different programs, and the humans within it watched and controlled by the Agent programs.

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  • It is possible that Heinz von Foerster prediction of singular consciousness was right since his prediction was in the early 21st Century
  • as of 2015 in the real world today humanity does in fact have some form created AI
    • for example the robots Asimo and Topio
    • humanity did not celebrate when we gave birth to it
    • AI is not Advanced as it is in the films

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