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Exile Information

Responsible for regulating the sounds of wind in the Matrix

Chronological and Political Information

Banshae is an Exile who serves as a Liaison for the Merovingians in the Syntax instance of The Matrix Online.


Banshae used to function as a program which was in charge of regulating the sound of the various sounds of wind throughout the simulation. She did an efficient job until one day day, a virus struck the Matrix, which caused a raining downpour and winds reaching unhead-of speeds. Because Banshae was incapable of interpreting this impossible level of data, she became insane. She then rejected her programming and sought help from the Merovingian to help cure her.


  • Banshae is most likely named after "Banshee", a Ghost in Scottish legend who exhibits the ability to produce screeching wails and screams. Banshae also speaks in a scottish accent


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