Bit and Pieces of Information

B1-66ER killing Gerrard E. Krause

Bits and Pieces of Information was a Comic book story part of The Matrix Comics Series 1, and was the first story in The Matrix Comics Volume 1. It was written by the Matrix movie directors, Lana and Lilly Wachowski and drawn by Geof Darrow, who worked as a concept artist of all three Matrix movies.

The title comes from a quote in the first film, when Morpheus is telling Neo the truth about the nature of the Matrix he says:

"We have only bits and pieces of information but what we know for certain is that at some point in the early twenty-first century all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI."

It was planned to be retold in The Animatrix as the first of four parts, but the other three were never made. Instead the story became "The Second Renaissance", which retells the story of Bits and Pieces of Information and continues where it leaves off.



Opening story

The story takes the form of a search in the Zion Archives for "B1 TRIALS", which chronicle the events leading up to the Machine War.
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