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    Peter Goudanis

    January 1, 2017 by

    The green text code that represents the matrix is a code that if added together equals the sum of 1005897466834048601, which when translated through certain computing software reads 'Peter Goudanis' in English; named after American assistant-writer Peter Goudanis who helped design the interface.

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Xensyria

    Interwiki Links

    November 20, 2016 by Xensyria

    So, I've been looking into the strange world of inter-language Matrix wikis over the past few days, and found out that some of the wikis we were linked to no longer exist.

    It turns out these wikis (French, Spanish and Turkish) had been created, but apart from the home page, had no content. Wikia's scripts had checked for empty wikis, and deleted them, but left all the other wikis linked to them.

    Now I've gone through all the ISO 639-1 language codes... and found a few more .matrix wikis. it.matrix has a few articles, so shouldn't be a problem if it's added. zh.matrix on the other hand is another "home page only" job...

    The third one I came across is ru.matrix... its one article doesn't compare well to ru.neopedia's 218 (and counting...), but it…

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  • Xensyria

    Other Wikis

    November 19, 2016 by Xensyria

    I'm in a list making mood... so as well as the Matrix Online and Matrix Fanon (edit: plus Matrix Roleplay!), here are some other wikis that discuss the Matrix... see how deep the rabbit hole goes:

    • Crossover Wiki: The Matrix
    • VS Battles: all Matrix articles
    • Top Strongest Wikia: all Matrix articles
    • Robot Supremacy Wiki: all Matrix articles
    • Movie Morgue Wiki: all Matrix articles
    • All the Tropes Wiki: The Matrix
    • PPC Wiki: The Matrix
    • Villains Wiki: The Architect, Agent Smith, Abel, Bane, Cain, Twins, Machines, Sentinels, Deus Ex Machina, Cypher, Cypherites, Agent Johnson, Vamps, Merovingian, Agents, Larry the Architect (parody), Sanderson (parody)
    • Heroes Wiki: Resistance
    • Superpowers Wiki: Cyberpotence
    • What is the Matrix? Wiki (another generic Matrix Wiki)
    • Unc…
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    The Real life Neo

    October 8, 2016 by

    I am here.

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  • Teduhjiwakalani

    The Matrix Resurrection (previously known as The Matrix 4) is the possible next flim in the Matrix flim franchise.

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    Main Villains

    May 29, 2016 by
    Smith is the main antagonist of the matrix.He is an agent and later a program virus. He made lots of copies of him. Read more >
  • Sclera1

    I learnt that recently the site which had the source to most of the recorded mission (the Daniel institue seems to be frozen or out of commission. So i don't see how else i can find and write down the missions. At least i got what few that i wrote down anyway previously.., sorry about that. also i tried to use the torrent download but it doesn't seem to work for me =(

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    There are a number of instances in The Matrix that make me feel that Morpheus is (unwittingly) just a BIG part of the entire plan of the machine system.

    Everybody needs a guide.

    Free your mind.

    Without Morpheus and the followers he attracted, there would be no premise at all for the one to be found. He was a facilitator for the entire thing from top to bottom.

    "She told me I would find the one" - he says to Neo of the Oracle's little birdy in the ear chit chat; yeah, of course she did you daft sod, it's your job to find the one, he need to be found doesn't he, that's the basic premise of the anomoly that The Architect talks about.

    That basically means that every last little ounce of flesh in the movie (anyone or anything that isn't a machine) w…

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    It's all of 16 years since The Matrix hit the big screen and fuelled the dreams of conspiracy theorists the world over.

    Everybody your science is way off the mark, without your underhanded input, my friends and I would never have had the all-night discussions and countless violent exchanges that have shaped our lives since 1999.

    I salute you sir - you big fat machine loving liar you!

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