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BloodlustV was a ruthless assassin who was offered a role as a liaison to the Merovingian's organization in return for great pay.

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He took the role of assassin even before becoming a redpill. When he was selected to kill someone who he later realized was his childhood friend, Nicole Richards, he refused to carry out the job. Instead, the person who hired him replaced him with three machinist operatives from the Apostles hovercraft. However, she escaped with the help of Zion and became a Merovingian operative with the alias, xArtemisx, who became his assistant.

Despite higher offers, he has constantly proven his loyalty to the prominent exile. At one time, he became a victim of a case of Renegade Amnesia, but slowly recovered his memories back. Afterwards, he is shown to have a more cheerful personality and showed a lot more emotion than previously. As a result he now likes to toy with people when given the chance and likes to play mindgames.

He was a liaison of the Merovingians in the Syntax instance. He killed the Cypherite liaison known as Tranta after killing his childhood friend. He also killed Salera.

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