Gang Leader: The Teacher

The Bookwyrms are a gang that resides in Chelsea that acts as the enforcers for the exile known as Hypatia. Below the leader is the gang leader known as the Teacher. They are known to carry the Hoots the Owl Bookmark.

There also exists the role of Bookwyrm Emissaries who are often sent on missions to either represent or advance the interests of others.


During the Intruder affair, in Chapter 9.2.4, the Zionite operatives found the intruder near the Chelsea Convention Center assaulting overwhelmed Bookwyrms. The Bookwyrms were trying to protect Hypatia, but the powerful Halborn was able to cut his way through to reach her. Hypatia was terminated by the intruder when she said that she did not have the Biological Interface Program.

Revival of their LeaderEdit

In the next chapter (Chapter 9.2.5), the loyal Bookwyrms were able to imperfectly restore their mistress after being terminated, prompting the Machines to terminate her properly, removing the code overrides from her routine with a clean kill.

Hypatia had been imperfectly restored by her loyal Bookwyrms after her termination by the intruder, so Machine operatives saw to the job properly, removing the code overrides from her routine with a clean kill.

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