Chuang Tzu watches on as the redpill crashes through the window into his apartment while a butterfly flutters on as it pleases

Butterfly was a comic written and drawn by Dave Gibbons for The Matrix Comics Series 2 which was included in Volume 1. It is based on a famous quote by the ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, which can also be tranliterated Chuang Tzu.


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One night, Zhuangzi dreamed of being a butterfly — a happy butterfly, showing off and doing things as he pleased, unaware of being Zhuangzi. Suddenly he awoke, drowsily, Zhuangzi again. And he could not tell whether it was Zhuangzi who had dreamt the butterfly or the butterfly dreaming Zhuangzi. But there must be some difference between them! This is called "the transformation of things".



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