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Cartel gunmen

Marlowe's Cartel gunmen

"It's the Cartel, selling their latest courier's retirement plan. I'm just collateral damage."
―Dez realizing the gunmen were Cartels sent to kill Mia [src]

The Cartel was a criminal organization that the crimelord Marlowe was involved in.


The Cartel sold illegal drugs and guns, presumably among other illicit activities, and had a number of well equipped gunmen that it used to enforce its control. It got its merchandise from the distributors through individuals such as Mia.


Mia quit her drug running for Marlowe on bad terms, after being accused by Marlowe of holding out on them, though it was when her boyfriend Dez convinced her that they should spend more time together that she started running guns to the Cartels instead. Angry, Marlowe unsuccessfully sent Cartel gunmen to kill her, with Mia killing them all herself. Despite that she went on the run with Dez, as helicopters with Agents went in after the attack.


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