This page lists the cast of The Matrix Reloaded in the same order as it appeared in the film's credits.

Character Cast Character's Photo
Power Station Guard Ray Anthony
Kali Christine Anu Kali
Police #2 Andy Arness
Link's Niece Alima Ashton-Sheibu
The Architect Helmut Bakaitis Architect
Soren Steve Bastoni Soren-matrix
Vector Don Batte Vector
Persephone Monica Bellucci Perphesoneface
Agent Johnson Daniel Bernhardt Johnson
Priestess Valerie Berry Priestess-Reloaded
Bane Ian Bliss Bane
Old Woman at Zion Liliana Bogatko
Zion Controller Michael Budd
Bike Carrier Driver Stoney Burke Bike Carrier Driver
Ice Kelly Butler Ice
Zion Virtual Control Operator Josephine Byrnes
Woman with Groceries Noris Campos
Seraph Collin Chou Seraph
Corrupt Paul Cotter Corrupt
Another Old Woman at Zion Marlene Cummins
Young Thomas Anderson at 12 Attila Davidhazy
Maggie Essie Davis Maggie
Wurm Terrell Dixon Wurm face
Security Guard #5 Nash Edgerton
Morpheus Laurence Fishburne Morpheus after the end of the War
The Oracle Gloria Foster Oracle old
Maitre d' David Franklin
Young Thomas Anderson at 4 Austin Galuppo
Zee Nona Gaye Zee face
A.P.U. Escort Daryl Heath
Ballard Roy Jones Jr. Ballard
Abel Malcolm Kennard Abel
Agent Jackson David A. Kilde Agent Jackson
The Keymaker Randall Duk Kim Keymaker face
Mauser Christopher Kirby Mauser Revolutions
Colt Peter Lamb Colt Revolutions
Mifune Nathaniel Lees Mifune
Commander Lock Harry Lennix Jason Lock
Computer Room Technician Tony Lynch
AK Robert Mammone AK
Link's Nephew Joshua Mbakwe
Agent Thompson Matt McColm Thompson
Security Bunker Guard #2 Scott McLean
Power Station Guard Chris Mitchell
Computer Room Guard Steve Morris
Trinity Carrie-Anne Moss Trinity face
Beautiful Woman at Le Vrai Tory Mussett
Zion Gate Operator Rene Naufahu
Councillor Dillard Robyn Nevin Dillard
Cain David No Cain
Officer Wirtz Genevieve O'Reilly Officer Wirtz
Operator (Vigilant) Socratis Otto Jax
Link Harold Perrineau Link2
Niobe Jada Pinkett Smith Niobe
Young Thomas Anderson at 8 Montaño Rain
Twin #2 Adrian Rayment Twins faces
Twin #1 Neil Rayment Twins faces
Lock's Lieutenant Rupert Reid Lock's Lieutenant about Dock
Neo Keanu Reeves 830px-Neo w Oracle 2
Roland David Roberts Roland
Ajax Shane C. Rodrigo Ajax
Gidim Truck Driver Nick Scoggin
18 Wheel Trucker Kevin C. Scott
Binary Tahei Simpson Binary
Tirant Frankie Stevens Tirant
Young Thomas Anderson at 2 Nicandro Thomas
Cas Gina Torres CAS
Police #1 Andrew Valli
Malachi Steve Vella Malachi
Security Bunker Guard John Walton
Kid Clayton Watson Kid zion
Agent Smith Hugo Weaving SMITH
Councillor West Cornel West West
Axel Leigh Whannell Axel
Rama Kandra Bernard White Rama Kundra
Merovingian Lambert Wilson Merovingian face
Ghost Anthony Wong Ghost
Councillor Hamann Anthony Zerbe Hamann

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