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Cerulean is a member of The Spectrum family and one of the middle children of the Spectrum Siblings.


A middle child, Cerulean is the only one of the siblings to turn solely to her mind as a source of influence. She invested heavily in understanding the infrastructure of the Matrix in an attempt to learn how to control it better and use its power against her siblings. She is convinced that Indigo's power base can be wiped away or redirected in this way, but she suffered an enormous setback when the Matrix was reconfigured in the wake of the Truce between Zion and the Machines. Much of the code she had stockpiled was wiped out, including parts of her own personal code that she had tried to hide. The result was severe damage to her RSI that has made her physically weak and infirm. She is now dedicated to accumulating more Information than ever, and proving that her mind is more than capable of overcoming any amount of power her siblings can amass.

Cerulean makes her home in the waterfront of Bathary Row, where she has a strong grip on the flow of contraband goods and $Information. Her strong-arm is the Bathary Boys gang, a group of toughs whose defeat at the hands of the neighboring Disciple gang made them a perfect target of opportunity for her. Today the formerly brash gang is little more than her private army, with a leader handpicked by Cerulean for his pliant nature.


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