Chinatown was an Asian themed town and section within Mega City in the Matrix.

Design and AppearanceEdit

The design of Chinatown resembles a typical open-air marketplace and town mainly seen in East Asia. Chinatown is filled with many stores, shops, tea houses, restaurants, and outdoor vendors mostly ran by Chinese bluepills. Also noticeable is that all of the stores are written in Chinese characters like the character "店" (pinyin: diàn) which translates to shop or store, is seen on many of the banners in Chinatown.

Everyday, Chinatown is crowded by many bluepills of different ethnicities, mostly the Chinese.


After receiving word from Ballard that The Oracle wishes to see The One, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus board the Nebuchadnezzar, with Link as Operator, and leave the city of Zion to allow Neo to jack into the Matrix and meet with The Oracle and discuss about the future of humanity.

Neo had to travel past Chinatown to reach a Tea house where The Oracle was supposed to meet him there. Once Neo arrived to the tea house, The Oracle was nowhere to be found. Instead, The Oracle's guardian was there and wanted to test Neo to see if he is truly the one.


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