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Chuang Tzu is one of the Potentials that Neo has to rescue as The One in The Matrix: Path of Neo. before you have to escort him, he will challenge you to a fight in order to prove your worthiness. When Neo defeats him in the game, he gains the 6-Hit Strike Combo.

Chuang Tzu is mentioned in a fable:

"While on a journey, Chuang Tzu found an old skull, dry and parched. With sorrow he lamented and questioned the end of all things. When he finished speaking, he dragged the skull over, and using it for a pillow, lay down to sleep. In the night, the skull came to his dreams and said, 'You are a fool to rejoice in the entanglements of life.' Chuang Tzu couldn't believe this and asked, 'If I could return you to your life, you would want that, wouldn't you?' Stunned by Chuang Tzu's foolishness, the skull replied, 'How do you know it is bad to be dead?'

He appears as a young Asian male wearing a white shirt with sleeves. Despite still being plugged into the Matrix, Chuang Tzu's mind is already free and he is able to perform stunts and maneuvers like those of any Zion operative. He is an talented fighter and has the ability to jump as high as Neo can. Surprisingly, he can even defeat Agents, a near-impossible feat for any rebel other than Neo.

Another person named Chuang Tzu also appears in The Matrix Comics story, Butterfly.

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