Club Sphinx was a club located in Dannah Heights, Richland.

Description Edit

Chapter 8.1.5Edit

Cypherite operatives staged a party in Club Sphinx, where they handing out blue pills as a diversion, while a team of high level Cypherite operatives broke into the Zion outpost where the captured crew of the Solstice were held, and liberated them.

Chapter 8.2.3 Edit

When the Merovingian learned of Silver's forced co-erced deal with the Machines, he sent operatives, and Ookami, to punish the exile by wiping out several of his labs in Camon Heights. The merovingian then summoned Silver to this Club angrily reminding him that no commerce was to be conducted with the Machines without his permission. When Silver was unrepentant, he finally allowed operatives to delete the rogue exile, althoguh Silver claimed that he had a backup copy of himself.

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