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Code bomb

A code bomb used by Morpheus just before he was killed.

A code bomb is a virtual weapon of mass destruction, like a digital version of a nuclear weapon. Morpheus used these as part of a protest to convice the Machines to return Neo's remains to Zion. They were notable as they displayed the truth of the Matrix to all nearby, showing the code that made up the Matrix, the shock of it proved severe to Bluepills. Happy Codings
Code bomb exploding

Code bomb effects


TaeCross, liason to E Pluribus Neo, was rumored to be working with Morpheus a full year after his last known sighting. Due to the frustrations of repeated setbacks and poor dealings, Taecross acted out attacks by use of code bombs onto the city. It is presumed that Taecross got the technology from Morpheus himself. Taecross unleashed final set of 8 code bombs simultaneously at the First Union Church in Camon Central. His final whereabouts after that is unknown.

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