The full Zion Council, including Councillor Tuchman

Councillor Tuchman was one of the twelve members of the Zion Council at the end of the Fifth Matrix.

Interpretation Edit

  • Tuchman was included as a speaking role in the script of The Matrix Revolutions, but the part was ultimately removed from the final cut.
  • Tuchman's line was going to be "Commander, what's to stop the Machines from tunneling straight into the Temple?", addressed to Commander Lock, whose reply was "It appears to us that the diggers are targeting the electrical activity of Zion. I don't think they are even aware that the Temple exists."
  • This may have been filmed, making it possible in theory to determine which of the eight remaining councillors Tuchman is, if the cut footage is ever released, or if any of the crew or actors remember.
  • While the role is uncredited, and their line was cut, it can still be assumed that it was the intention of the Wachowskis for one of the councillors to be named Tuchman.

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