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The following page lists the whole crew that worked in The Matrix.

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Bruce Berman - executive producer
Dan Cracchiolo - co-producer
Carol Hughes - associate producer
Andrew Mason - executive producer
Richard Mirisch - associate producer
Barrie M. Osborne - executive producer

Joel Silver

Dennis Deshazer




executive producer

Erwin Stoff - executive producer
Lilly Wachowski - executive producer (as Andy Wachowski)

Lana Wachowsk

Lana Wachowsk

Jim Gittle

Jeff Rowley





executive producer (as Larry Wachowski)

supervising producer (as Larry Wachowski)

senior producer


Original Music - Don Davis
Cinematography - Bill Pope
Film Editing - Zach Staenberg
Casting - Mali Finn
Shauna Wolifson
Production Design - Owen Paterson
Art Direction - Hugh Bateup
Michelle McGahey
Set Decoration - Lisa Brennan
Tim Ferrier
Marta McElroy
Costume Design - Kym Barrett
Makeup Department
Rick Connelly - makeup special effects artist
Kathy Courtney - makeup artist: second unit
Nikki Gooley - key makeup artist
Sherry Hubbard - assistant makeup artist
Bob McCarron - special makeup effects designer and creator
Wendy Sainsbury - senior makeup special effects artist
Sonja Smuk - makeup special effects artist
Deborah Taylor - makeup artist: Mr. Fishburne
Elka Wardega - makeup special effects artist
Cheryl Williams - hair stylist
Simon Zanker - assistant hair stylist
Kerrin Jackson - additional makeup artist (uncredited)
Nadine Wilkie - additional hair stylist (uncredited)
Nadine Wilkie - additional makeup artist (uncredited)
Production Management
Dick Beckett - assistant unit manager: second unit
Carol Hughes - unit production manager
Grayden Le Breton - assistant unit manager
Simon Lucas - unit manager: second unit
Will Matthews - unit manager
Bill Draper - executive in charge of production (uncredited)
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Colin Fletcher - first assistant director
Bruce Hunt - second unit director
James McTeigue - first assistant director
Toby Pease - first assistant director: second unit
Tom Read - second assistant director
Noni Roy - second assistant director
Jeremy Sedley - second assistant director: second unit
Paul Sullivan - third assistant director
Art Department
Tony Bardolph - construction
Brett Bartlett - construction
Shane Bennett - props: second unit
Jake Clifton - props: second unit
Godric Cole - set designer
Peter Collias - scenic artist
Jules Cook - assistant art director
James Cox - props: second unit
Geofrey Darrow - conceptual designer
Marianne Evans - construction coordinator
Trish Foreman - art department coordinator
Mark Gatt - construction
Murray Gosson - props
Collin Grant - storyboard artist
Karen Harborow - graphics
Judith Harvey - set designer
Tara Kamath - art department researcher
Tani Kunitake - storyboard artist
Jacinta Leong - set designer
Sarah Light - set designer

Terry Lord

Terence Lord





Lon Lucini - property master
Warren Manser - storyboard artist
Adrienne Ogle - props
John Pickering - construction
Tony Piliotis - stand-by painter
Wayne Porter - construction
Andrew Powell - set designer
John Rega - construction
Deborah Riley - set designer
Fiona Scott - assistant art director
Katie Sharrock - props
Phil Shearer - illustrator
Steve Skroce - storyboard artist
Marcus Smith - construction
Trevor Smith - construction
Andrew Staig - construction
Jon Stiles - stand-by painter
Tony Williams - assistant art director
Philip Worth - construction supervisor (as Phil Worth)
Matt Busch - storyboard artist (uncredited)
Josh Bush - carpenter (uncredited)
Gary Cameron - model maker (uncredited)
Brad Diebert - carpenter (uncredited)
Brad Diebert - stand-by carpenter (uncredited)
Gary Grimes - set finisher (uncredited)
Andy Robinson - painter (uncredited)
Christian Scheurer - conceptual artist (uncredited)
Nick Tory - art department assistant (uncredited)
Simon Whiteley - Matrix code design (uncredited)
Sound Department

Nancy Barker

David Campbell



first assistant sound editor

executive producer

Thom Brennan - supervising foley editor
David E. Campbell - sound re-recording mixer
Kevin E. Carpenter - sound re-recording mixer: second stage
Valerie Davidson - foley editor

Dane A. Davis

Kevin Carpenter



sound designer


Dane A. Davis - supervising sound editor
Barbara Delpuech - assistant sound editor
Susan Dudeck - dialogue editor
Julia Evershade - sound effects editor
Jack Friedman - boom operator
David Grimaldi - sound effects editor
Hilda Hodges - foley artist
Mary Jo Lang - foley mixer
David Lee - sound recordist

Eric Lindemann

Maryjo Lang



sound effects editor


Frank Long - assistant sound editor
David McRell - assistant sound editor
Gerry Nucifora - boom operator
Thomas J. O'Connell - adr mixer
John T. Reitz - sound re-recording mixer
Charles W. Ritter - dialogue editor

John Roesch

John Reitz



foley artist

supervising director

Gregg Rudloff

Charles Ritter



sound re-recording mixer

supervising executive producer

Carolyn Tapp

Tom O'Connell


foley mixer

supervising writer

Noel McIntosh - apprentice sound editor (uncredited)
Special Effects
Richard Alexander - special effects
Brian Belcher - special effects
Nick Beryk - special effects
Kirk Bolte - sokkia survey crew: Bullet Time
Andrew Borscz - sokkia survey crew: Bullet Time
Jeffrey Briggs - special effects
Rodney Burke - special effects
Patrick Carmiggelt - special effects: second unit
Paul Clemente - technician: Bullet Time
Bill Collis - R&D: Bullet Time
Steve Courtley - special effects supervisor
Brian Cox - special effects supervisor
Darren De Costa - special effects
Sophie Dick - special effects
Paul Fenn - special effects
Mont Fieguth - special effects

Lloyd Finnemore

Monty Feiguth



special effects

supervising director

Ray Fowler - special effects
Frank Gallego - technician: Bullet Time
David Goldie - special effects
Bernard Golenko - special effects
Arran Gordon - special effects
Paul Gorrie - special effects
Pauline Grebert - special effects
Leo Henry - special effects
Kim Hilder - special effects: second unit

David James

Kimble Hilder



special effects

executive story editor

Paul Katte - animatronic prosthetics
Thomas Kayser - screen graphics: Animal Logic
Ron Korpi - system administrator: Animal Logic

Judy Mae Lewis

Jim Leng



special effects

executive director

Judy Lewis - special effects
Shane Murphy - special effects
John Neal - special effects
Nick Nicolaou - animatronic prosthetics

David Núñez

David Nunez



technician: Bullet Time

executive writer

Robina Osbourne - special effects coordinator
Brigid Oulsnam - special effects

Peter A. Parker

Long Owens



special effects

supervising prodcer

Daniel Patmore

Peter Owens



special effects

supervising producer

Gary Phillips


special effects

Pieter Ploody

Garry Philips

Pieter Plooy

- special effects

David Pride

Arthur Spink Jr.

- special effects
Reece Robinson - special effects
Arthur Spink Jr. - special effects
Lou Stefanel - special effects
Edwin Treasure - special effects
Thomas Van Koeverden - special effects
Walter Van Veenendaal - special effects

Edweana Wenkar

Dave Young

- production aide: Animal Logic
Kerry Williams - special effects
David Young - special effects
Andy Clement - lifecast maker: Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves (uncredited)
Visual Effects
Jeff Allen - 2D painter/roto: Manex Visual Effects
Charlie Armstrong - compositor: Animal Logic
Al Arthur - effects animator: Manex Visual Effects
Gil Baron - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Jeremy Beadell - digital line producer: Manex Visual Effects
Roy Berkowitz - editor: Manex Visual Effects
Maureen Blume - production aide: Manex Visual Effects
George Borshukov - technical supervisor: research and development, Bullet Time
John Breslin - Inferno artist: Animal Logic
Steve Burg - conceptual artist: Manex Visual Effects
Mark Burns - systems support: Manex Visual Effects
Allen Cappuccilli - assistant visual effects editor
Elizabeth Carlon - rotoscope artist: DFilm Services
Lynne Cartwright - visual effects supervisor: Animal Logic
Robin Cave - Inferno artist: Animal Logic
Daniele Colajacomo - CGI lead animator: DFilm Services
J.D. Cowles - compositor: Bullet Time
Tim Crosbie - digital composite supervisor: DFilm Services
Kate Crossley - visual effects editor
Charles Darby - matte painting: Manex Visual Effects
Art David - 2D animator: Bullet Time
Tom Davies - miniatures and model supervisor
Steve Demers - lead shader writer: Manex Visual Effects
Peter Doyle - executive producer: DFilm Services
David Dulac - CGI artist/colorist: Animal Logic
Grant Everett - compositor: Animal Logic
Matt Farell - character animator: Manex Visual Effects
Matthew Ferro - visual effects producer

Lindsay Fleay

Matt Ferro

- CGI artist: Animal Logic
Rebecca Fox - production coordinator: DFilm Services
John Gaeta - visual effects supervisor
Diana Giorgiutti - digital effects producer: Manex Visual Effects
Sally Goldberg - computer animation supervisor: DFilm, Sydney
Nico Grey - pre-viz animator: Australia: Manex Visual Effects
Ben Gunsberger - CGI artist: Animal Logic
Laura Hanigan - compositor: Manex Visual Effects
Brent Hartshorn - 3D texture painter: Manex Visual Effects
Naomi Hatchman - I/O supervisor: Animal Logic
Michael Hemschoot - character animator: Manex Visual Effects

Charles Henrich

Michael fish Hemschoot

- systems administrator: Manex Visual Effects
David Hodson - digital compositor: DFilm Services
Rodney Iwashina - digital effects supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Jay Mark Johnson - 2D/3D paint: Manex Visual Effects
Krista Jordan - Inferno artist: Animal Logic

Daniel Klem

Jay Johnson

- animator/modeler: Manex Visual Effects
Ivo Kos - lead technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Alisoun F. Lamb - visual effects producer: Manex Visual Effects
Maryanne Lauric - compositor: Animal Logic
John Lee - character animator
Mary Leitz - compositor: Manex Visual Effects
Kim Libreri - technology supervision: Manex Visual Effects
Joseph Littlejohn - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Sophia S. Longoria - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Stephen Lunn - digital compositor: DFilm Services
Jane Maguire - editorial supervisor: DFilm Services

Anthony Mark Viverito

Jane Mac

Jim Guire

- editor: Manex Visual Effects

Justen Marshall

Anthony Mark

- programmer: Animal Logic
Justin Martin - CGI animator: DFilm Services
Alaric McAusland - digital effects producer: DFilm Services
Adam McCulloch - screen graphics coordinator
Ian McGuffie - animation supervisor: DFilm Services
Michael McNeill - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Elizabeth Mercado - assistant visual effects editor
Kirsty Millar - Inferno artist: Animal Logic
Jane Milledge - CGI designer: Animal Logic
Noah Mizrahi - assistant digital coordinator: Manex Visual Effects
Amanda Morrison - compositor/painter: Manex Visual Effects
Zareh Nalbandian - producer: Animal Logic
Mark Nettleton - digital composite supervisor: DFilm Services
Grant Niesner - CG designer/animator: Manex Visual Effects

John P. Nugent

Amanda Evans

- compositor: Manex Visual Effects
Rob Nunn - pre-viz animator: Bullet Time
Dominic Parker - CGI lead animator: DFilm Services
Devorah Petty - texture painter: Manex Visual Effects

Gerard Benjamin

Jim Pierre

Brian Porter

- character animator: Bullet Time
Jamie Pilgrim - character animator: Manex Visual Effects
Dan Piponi - science officer: Manex Visual Effects
Rudy Poat - lead color & lighting td: Manex Visual Effects
Brion Porter - editor: Manex Visual Effects
Thomas Proctor - compositor: Bullet Time
Andrew Quinn - CGI artist: Animal Logic
Holly Radcliffe - production aide: Australia: Manex Visual Effects
Barnaby Robson - compositor: Manex Visual Effects
Daniel P. Rosen - compositor: Manex Visual Effects

Paul Ryan

Barney Robson

- technology manager: DFilm Services
John E. Sasaki - compositor: Bullet Time
Andrew Schneider - character animator: Manex Visual Effects
Greg Shimp - film recorder: Manex Visual Effects
Lewis Siegel - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Janek Sirrs - associate visual effects supervisor: Manex Visual Effects

Daniel Sunwoo

John F. Sasaki

- CG animator: Bullet Time
Rangi Sutton - CGI animator: DFilm Services
Paul Taglianetti - line producer: Manex Visual Effects
Natacha Tedeschi - editor assistant: DFilm Services
Deborah Thomas - systems support: Manex Visual Effects
Jon Thum - digital effects supervisor: DFilm Services
John Tissavary - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Victor E. Vaile IV - systems support: Manex Visual Effects

Enrique Vila

John A. Tissavary

- animator/modeler: Manex Visual Effects
John Volny - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Mary E. Walter - assistant visual effects editor
Jason Wardle - technical supervisor: Manex Visual Effects
Martin Weaver - systems manager: Manex Visual Effects
Mark H. Weingartner - technical consultant: Bullet Time
Sean White - animator/modeler: Manex Visual Effects

Vanessa White

Mark Weingartner

- rotoscope artist: DFilm Services
Jeremy Yabrow - software development: Manex Visual Effects
Carol Ashley - compositing supervisor (uncredited)
Warren Beaton - visual effects: Pod Scene (uncredited)
Nicholas Brooks - bullet time designer & developement (uncredited)
Justin Burdine - data/resource manager (uncredited)
Fiona Chilton - visual effects producer: Animal Logic (uncredited)
Fiona Crawford - visual effects coordinator (uncredited)
Kent Estep - bullet time technical director: Manex Visual Effects (uncredited)
Mark Fletcher - visual effects coordinator (uncredited)
Derry Frost - director of production: Amalgamated Pixels, Inc. (uncredited)
Andy Gates - post production assistant (uncredited)
Edwina Hayes - visual effects coordinator (uncredited)
Merrin Jensen - technical coordinator (uncredited)
Karen Jine - visual effects production assistant (uncredited)
Richard Kidd - associate visual effects supervisor (uncredited)
Ken Locsmandi - digital artist (uncredited)
Michele Maples - visual effects bidding producer: Mass Illusions/Manex Entertainment (uncredited)
Brandon McNaughton - digital compositor (uncredited)
Karen M. Murphy - visual effects producer: pre-production, R&D (uncredited)
Jeremy Oddo - digital effects artist: Amalgamated Pixels, Inc. (uncredited)
Rod Park - visual effects executive: MVFX (uncredited)
Valeri Pfahning - digital effects artist (uncredited)
Declan Quinn - CG animator (uncredited)
Glen Sharah - systems administrator (uncredited)
Mark Shoaf - digital artist (uncredited)
Chris Swinbanks - scanning and recording supervisor (uncredited)
Eric Wilson - visual effects pre-production research & development (uncredited)
Shea Adams - stunt double: Agent Brown
Ray Anthony - stunts
Greg Blandy - stunts
Glenn Boswell - stunt coordinator
Richard Boué - stunts
Bob Bowles - stunt double: Cypher

Dave Brown

Richard Boue

- stunts
Todd Bryant - stunts
Michael Corrigan - stunts
Harry Dakanalis - stunts
Dar Davies - stunts
Paul Doyle - stunt double: Neo/Agent Smith
Nash Edgerton - stunt double: Mouse
Brian Ellison - stunts
Terry Flanagan - stunts
Scotty Gregory - stunts
Johnny Hallyday - stunts
Nigel Harbach - stunt double: Agent Jones
Lou Horvath - stunts
Nigel King - stunts
Alex Kiss - stunts
Alex Kuzelicki - stunts
Ian Lind - stunts
Tony Lynch - stunts

Jim Andrew

Andrew Mcim

Jim Coy

- stunt double: Morpheus

Scott Mcim

Jim Leang

Chynae Mcim

Jim Coy

- stunts
Phil Meacham - assistant stunt coordinator
Phil Meacham - stunts
Chris Mitchell - stunts
Darren Mitchell - stunts
Steve Morris - stunts
Brett Praed - stunts
Jim Ryctor - stunts

Brit Sooby

Scott Brewer

- stunts
Sotiri Sotiropoulos - stunts
Chad Stahelski - stunt double: Neo

Gillian Statham

Darko Tuskan

- stunt double: Switch
Glenn Suter - stunts

Darko Tuscan

Glenn Sutor

- stunt double: Neo
Bernadette Van Gyen - stunts
Marijke Van Gyen - stunts
Annette Van Moorsel - stunt double: Trinity
Mick Van Moorsel - stunts
Warwick Young - stunts
Dwayne McGee - stunts (uncredited)
Camera and Electrical Department
Robert Agganis - Steadicam operator
Robert Agganis - camera operator
Ian Bird - head grip
Jasin Boland - still photographer
Mal Booth - dolly grip
Ray Brown - key grip
Craig Bryant - rigger gaffer

Roger Buckingham

Paul Cummings

- underwater camera operator: second unit
Robbie Burr - best boy: second unit
Toby Copping - key grip: second unit
Paul Cumming - rigger gaffer
Alan Dunstan - best boy
David Elmes - first assistant camera
Ross Emery - director of photography: second unit
Frank Flick - first assistant camera: second unit
Reg Garside - gaffer
David Hird - rigging grip
Benn Hyde - dolly grip: second unit
Paul Johnstone - gaffer: second unit
Steve Johnston - rigger gaffer
Miles Jones - rigger gaffer
Greg King - dolly grip

Chris Loveday

Ben Hyde

- rigger gaffer
Paul Micallef - camera remote operator
Paul Moyes - rigger gaffer
Phil Pastuhov - camera operator: Wescam, second unit
Adrien Seffrin - second assistant camera
Ken Talbot - rigger gaffer
Michael Taylor - video playback operator
Gary Ticehurst - helicopter pilot: camera helicopter, second unit

Anthony Toy

Phil Pastahov

- video operator: second unit
Michael Vivian - dolly grip
Aron Walker - dolly grip

David Williamson

Mick Vivian

- camera operator
Colin Wyatt - rigger gaffer
David Dunkley - first assistant camera (uncredited)
Jeb Johenning - digital video assist operator (uncredited)
Peni Loloa - rigger (uncredited)
Mark Sheets - rigging grip (uncredited)
Ben Steel - electrician (uncredited)
Nino Tamburri - additional camera loader (uncredited)
Matt Toll - second assistant camera: second unit (uncredited)
Steven J. Winslow - assistant camera: Wescam camera (uncredited)
Steven J. Winslow - camera technician (uncredited)
Animation Department
Trevor Tighe - animatronic designer
Casting Department
Tim Littleton - extras casting
Maureen Whalen - casting assistant (uncredited)
Costume and Wardrobe Department
Lyn Askew - costume supervisor
Nicole Brown - costumer
Mary Lou Da Roza - costumer
Nick Godlee - costumer
Fiona Holly - costumer
Andrea Hood - costumer
Andrew Infanti - costumer
Jenny Irwin - costumer
Helen Mather - costumer
Fiona Nicolls - wardrobe: second unit

Pauline Walker

Fiona Nicholls

- costumer
Gloria Bava - tailor (uncredited)
Lois DeArmond - costume illustrator (uncredited)
Michael Wilkinson - costume design assistant (uncredited)
Editorial Department
Catherine Chase - first assistant editor: USA
Tom Costain - assistant editor
Mo Henry - negative cutter
Jenny Hicks - assistant editor
John Lee - assistant editor
David Orr - color timer
Basia Ozerski - assistant editor
Peter Skarratt - first assistant editor

Noelleen Westcombe

Jennifer Hicks

- first assistant editor: Australia
Bill Daly - post-production executive (uncredited)
Allison Gibbons - apprentice editor (uncredited)
Music Department
Don Davis - conductor
Don Davis - orchestrator

Lori Gittle

Lori L. Eschler

Eschler Frystak

- music editor
Zigmund Gron - music editor
Larry Mah - music score mixer
Armin Steiner - scoring mixer
Jason Bentley - music supervisor (uncredited)
Gloria Cheng - musician: piano (uncredited)
Jordan Corngold - music editor (uncredited)
Tommy Johnson - musician: tuba (uncredited)
John Rodd - orchestral scoring recordist (uncredited)
Dennis Sager - scoring engineer (uncredited)
Transportation Department
John Allan - action vehicle coordinator
Tapio Piitulainen - action vehicle coordinator
Mark Brown - driver: production van (uncredited)
Other crew
Nathan Anderson - production aide

Ian I.T. Armstrong

Dr. Ian I.T. Armstrong M.D.

- medical advisor
Nils Bendix - kung fu team: Hong Kong
Kerry Blakeman - safety officer
John Bowring - key armorer
Mandy Butler - first assistant accountant
Suzanne Celeste - dialect coach

Sergei Chadiloff

Chen Tiger Hu

- 2-D/3-D conceptual designer
Tiger Hu Chen - kung fu team: Hong Kong
Spike Cherrie - safety officer
Robin Clifton - location manager: second unit
Helen Cox - nurse: second unit
Michele D'Arcey - assistant accountant
Belinda Dean - production aide: second unit
Sassica Donohoo - production aide
Greg Duncombe - picture helicopter pilot: second unit
Marcus Dwyer - production aide
Brian Ellison - safety officer: second unit
Lizzie Eves - production secretary: second unit
John Faithful - caterer: second unit
Kerry Fetzer - caterer
Guy Firth - caterer
Mark Fletcher - staff assistant
Peter Forbes - staff assistant
Katherine Gamble - assistant production coordinator
Annie Gilhooly - assistant: Barrie M. Osborne
Juan Goldsmith - production aide
Martin Grelis - helicopter pilot
Jane Griffin - production coordinator: second unit

Bianca Havas

Huang Sam Kai Sen

- staff assistant
Marvin Hayes - production aide
Jane Healy - staff assistant

Sandra Hodge

Dr. Joseph M. Horrigan D.C.

- assistant: Mr. Fishburne
Joseph M. Horrigan - medical advisor
Sam Kai-Sen Huang - kung fu team: Hong Kong
Donna Huddleston - staff assistant
Emma Jacobs - assistant: Andrew Mason
Alistair Jenkins - production accountant: Australia
Jayne Johnson - staff assistant
Melissa Johnston - production aide
Alex Kaufman - production aide
Carol Kim - kung fu coordinator: Hong Kong
Fiona Landreth - staff assistant

Peter Lawless

Lee Chew Tat Chiu

- location manager
Chew Tat-Chiu Lee - kung fu team: Hong Kong
Terry Lee - aerial coordinator: second unit
Lea Lennon - staff assistant
Madye Sing-Hung Leung - kung fu team: Hong Kong

Julie-Anne Lincoln

Leung Madye Sing Hung

- caterer: second unit
Belinda Lowson - staff assistant
Sami MacKenzie-Kerr - screen graphics assistant
Suzanne Middleton - staff assistant
'Longy' Nguyin - cast sports masseuse
Phil Oosterhouse - assistant: the Wachowskis
Tommy O'Reilly - staff assistant
Danielle Osborne - staff assistant
Julia Peters - production coordinator: second unit
Robert Polgar - assistant: Dan Cracchiolo
Angela Pritchard - assistant: Barrie M. Osborne

Reinaldo Puentes-Tucki

Rob Polgar

- assistant: Mr. Reeves
Jacquie Robertson - nurse
Michael Roth - staff assistant
Michelle Rowe - physical trainer
Marge Rowland - production accountant
Fiona Searson - publicist
Janet Seppelt - staff assistant
Sally Sharpe - staff assistant
Denise Snyder - physical trainer
Gillian Steine - script supervisor: second unit
Victoria Sullivan - script supervisor
Bryce Tibbey - staff assistant
Michelle Tuella - assistant: Joel Silver
John Turner - programmer: amx
Kevin Varnes - caterer
Justine Vollmer - production secretary
Richard Walker - head eye wear designer
Sinclair Whalley - staff assistant
Chris Whittle - staff assistant
Lawrence Woodward - safety coordinator
Megan Worthy - production coordinator

Charly Wrencher

Yuen Wo Ping

- staff assistant
Luke Wrencher - staff assistant

Shun-Yee Yuen

Yuen Eagle Shun Yi

- kung fu team: Hong Kong
Woo-ping Yuen - kung fu choreographer
Daxing Zhang - kung fu team: Hong Kong
Philip G. Bloom - assistant to executive producer (uncredited)
Michael Crawford - post-production accountant (uncredited)
Harold De Jesus - artist: main titles (uncredited)
Jamie Iracleanos - assistant: Mr. Cracchiolo (uncredited)
Jason Mack - security officer (uncredited)
Michael Mendelsohn - financial consultant (uncredited)
Craig Nersesian - set production coordinator (uncredited)
Marcel Valcarce - artist: main titles (uncredited)
Rikki Van Gyen - safety assistant (uncredited)
Carl Wood - assistant location manager (uncredited)

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