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The Crisis Meeting was a summit held in the sewers of Mega City in the Matrix by Hovercraft crews to discuss the bad news brought by Niobe and Ghost.

The MeetingEdit

The crew of the Logos brought proof from the Osiris about the Sentinel army digging their way down to Zion. The Nebuchadnezzar crew were the last to arrive.

The summit decided to immediately return to Zion and warn the defenses, however Morpheus came with a request: for one ship to stay behind in case the Oracle would wish to contact them.

The request was granted by Ballard. But due to the unexpected arrival of Agents, the meeting had to end ahead of schedule. Most of the crews managed to fight their way out and escaped through the sewers.



Some of the participants from L to R: Roland, Tirant, Bane, Ballard and Malachi.

Of those present during the Crisis Meeting, some of the most notable were:

  • Corrupt and Wurm of the Gnosis stood as guards at the door.

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