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Crop was a member of a rogue group of redpills known as Unlimit which was led by an ex-zionite, Anome

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He was awakened at the time when he was still a baby, despite not being able to make the choice at that age. He became talented in assimulating learning tapes and could have been equally rivalled that of Trinity's. Because he was addicted to risk, where he gave the Agents some opportunities to kill him and almost got himself shot on many occasions, most of his mission partners did not usually make it alive, and thus became a pariah. Agent Pace hypothesized that he ended up affiliating with Anome due to his wounded narcissism. Crop at one stage developed a friendship with Caboclo, which influenced his friend into becoming an Unlimit member. It is hoped by Agent Pace that Crop's bad luck to his partners might work its way onto Caboclo.

Because Beirn was considered the only surviving Unlimit member, Crop would mostly likely be considered dead.


Crop was encountered by E Pluribus Neo operatives left by Kid in Westview, where a protracted battle took place. Operative Dibol is among one of six operatives who dealt a significant amount of damage to Crop.

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