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Dame White
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Dame White is the matriarch of the Spectrum family in Westview, wife of Mr. Black and mother of the Spectrum Siblings.

It is said that she is a program similar in nature to Persephone and was her predecessor in their Machine function. She and her husband are at odds, but their marriage binds them together (with programming code), so they act against each other subtly by manipulating their children and others.

She also has a silent exile bodyguard known as Ebony.


Dame White shares some subroutines with Persephone, having been the previous generation of program that Persephone replaced. Dame White chose exile to the Matrix over assimilation into the Source. They have a curious similarity in background which they attribute to attendance at the same exclusive college in Europe. Both found themselves attracted to powerful men who could properly challenge them, inviting the dichotomous hot and cold relationships they both find themselves in today.

When Persephone was first brought to the Matrix in the company of the Merovingian, Dame White was intrigued – she had never expected to see Persephone here. She's always been curious what happened but never managed to get the full story. In those days, she was Persephone's only ally and link to her old existence in the Source. As two of the most powerful female Exiles in the Matrix, they became close, but exactly because of those strong natures they were inexorably drawn into conflict with one another. Still, they keep in touch socially and respect one another on the occasions when they come together between conflicts.

Unlike Persephone, Dame White is more open in her disregard of her husband's directives, perhaps only because she's slightly older. Regardless though, as with Persephone and the Merovingian, Dame White is intrinsically linked to Mr. Black by code put in place at the time of their marriage, and cannot easily extricate herself from the relationship. Fortunately, Dame White has been in the Matrix for some time, and is savvy about the politics and realities of life there. She has long ago given up direct action, choosing to instead use her children as proxies in her plans.


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