The Digi-Caribbean sea shore

The Digi-Caribbean[1] was a "little corner of the Matrix" based on a Caribbean beach.


Resistance operative Maggie was sent here by The Oracle with the crew of the Calappidae to scout for potentials.

While in the Matrix, the Calappidae was traced by Maggie's twin daughters Lisa and Ashley who planned to visit her in the Matrix as a surprise for her birthday. However, unknown to the twins the trace also gave the hovercraft's location away, and it was quickly targetted by Sentinels. Rollins and Lena died without knowing what was happening in the Real World, leaving Maggie alone with Lisa, who quickly worked out what had happened and realised that she was about to die. Before she was killed she gave her daughter a shell necklace and before she died told Lisa that she loved both her and Ashley, not mentioning that it was them who would be responsible for her death.


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  1. Misspelt as Digi-Carribean in the webcomic, edited to Digi-Caribbean in The Matrix Comics Volume 2.
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