Ectokid 3 front cover

Front cover of Ectokid #3

Ectokid is a comic created by Clive Barker for Marvel's Razorline imprint, that ran for nine issues from September 1993 to May 1994. Lana Wachowski took over from James Robinson after issue #3, and wrote issues #4–9 with Lilly Wachowski.[1] It was the start of their collaboration with Steve Skroce, who drew the comic, as well as Razorline's Assistant Editor Spencer Lamm, and contains many elements similar to the Wachowskis' later works, including the Matrix series.

Parallels Edit

  • The universe of Ectokid consists of the real world, and the "Ectosphere", a hellish parallel world.
  • The hero, Dex Mungo, soon learns to leave his body in the real world, and travel freely in the Ectosphere. However, like in the Matrix series, his real world body remains at its most vulnerable while he is in this other world.
  • The Ectosphere is policed by extremely powerful demons, like the Agents of the Matrix series.
  • Similarly to the Hotel Ambush, in issue #3, "An Innocent Abroad", the group of heroes find themselves suddenly trapped, sealed in a building with a tall staircase, after being betrayed by a trusted member of their team, with enemies moving in to kill them.

References Edit

  1. Though they have said that they worked together on Ectokid, Lilly's contribution was not credited. Lana was credited as Larry Wachowski, including a joint credit with James Robinson for issue #3, which he set up as a cliffhanger for the next author to solve.

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