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Enter The Matrix is an action-adventure videogame based on The Matrix film series. It was developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by WB Interactive and Atari. You will have to play as Ghost or/and Niobe. On this page you will get a full description for every mission.

Level 1: The Post OfficeEdit

Closing Time: (Niobe/Ghost)Edit

After choosing the character and watching the cutscene, the player will start of in a lobby, which is probably based on the lobby form The Matrix. From where you start, go to the right and follow the employee who comes from the reception. (Following him is not necessarily, just go into the large room which is located next to the lobby.) There will start a cutscene where Sparks says the box number. The box number is 731222 and is located one floor up. Further in the building there is an elevator but when the player presses the action button another cutscene will start with Sparks informing the player that the elevator is out of service. The new goal is to find the heavy elevator which is located at the back corner of the main sorting area. Around this time the security should have gave a few warnings that the post office is closed. They will now start attacking the player. There is a security officer that is closing the main doors, one behind the reception and another one who comes out of a room to assist the other two. All of them will run towards your character and will start to attack the player. After a few punches and kicks they should be neutralized.

If the player plays as Niobe, go to the toilets for men. There should be a plumber climbing up a ladder. This first part ends when the player does the same and also climbs up the ladder.

If the player plays as Ghost, Go to the door right from the elevator and enter it. There should only be one other door in the room, thats the way to go. In there, just follow the path, there are no other doors that can be opened so there is no chance of missing. A bit further there is an employee talking with a security guard. This guard is armed with an .380 pistol, which is the weakest pistol in the game, take him out and follow the way you were going. There should be a door around the corner at the left. Enter it and go straight one. There is a door at you left but there are a few unarmed guards in this room. After the player has dealt with these officers take the door that has been mentioned before as being on the left and keep on running straight one, up the stairs until a loading screen will open up.

Behind The Scenes: (Niobe)Edit

The player will come out of a vent in the ceiling. There are two employees talking about a printer and some other things. When they see Niobe, they will mention that she is in the mens locker room. In this level, when the player attacks an employee they will react by calling the security. In this case, there will come a security officer from where the player has to go. He is unarmed and is easy to be taken down. Go to where the security officer came from. When the player didn't attack the employees, go to your left from where you start into the mens locker room and then immediately to the right. Keep on running until the end, then go to right and take the door at the left. Then go to the left. A bit further there are another two employees talking to each other. When attacking one of them there will come a security guard with an .380 pistol from where the player came. When not attacking them, walk past them and take the door which is located at the right of the corridor.

Not much further there are two employees visible who will immediately start calling for security. These two men will get on the ground and put their hands on their head. Go to them and then to the right. There will come a security officer from in front of Niobe and one from the right out of another room. Deal with these two bluepill humans and follow the corridor until the end where there will come two security guards. One from the left and one from the right out of the room where one of the previous officers came from. Take both of them out and go to where the guard came from who came from your left. The player is looking for the Main Sorting Room which is a huge room. Go straight on, then to your left and immediately to the right and then left again. There will come another two guards from in front of Niobe. After having taking care of these go straight on and then to the left. A bit further there is another room where two security guards will come from who will start attacking the player. Take them out and go to where they came from.

Niobe vs security 1

Niobe fighting a handfull of security guards in the post office.

Go straight on. There is a window at the left. Dive through it and push the red flashing button at the right of the room. There will be a gate that will open. If the player goes back from where he came he will walk past this gate.

Go through it and there will come a security officer from the left and one from the right. After these guards have been dealt with go to the left where one of the guards came from and go through the door. When the player is lost, the goal tracker can always help. After going through the door, there will come another guard from the right. Take car of him and go to the left where the desks are. From the right there should come another guard. Eliminate him and go to where he came from. At the end go to the right where there is an open doorway and after going through it go to the left. Take the last door at the right which is located at the end of the corridor.

Now the player will arrive in a series of rooms with offices. Go to the right and at the end off this little corridor to the left. Again the way to go is at the left, a bit further in these series of offices. There are also multiple employees in these offices and when attacked a security officer will come to try to take Niobe down. After going to the left there should come about three more guards. One has a .380 pistol, the rest is unarmed. Take them down and go to the right at the end off the corridor that connects the room from where the security's with the previous door. Go to the right and there should come a security guard from around the corner at the end off this piece of corridor. After this one has taken a beating follow the corridor. Take the door at the right and then this part of the post office level is finished.

Niobe vs security 2

Niobe vs 4 security officers.

Epicenter (Niobe / Ghost)Edit

When starting as Niobe. Climb over the fence that should be right in front of you. There should be a corridors. Be careful because there is a security guard at the very left one with a .380 pistol. Luckily he is standing with his back towards the player and he can be stealth killed. When the player attacks one of the employees a second one will come. Anyway, it doesn't matter if they are taken down or not, just go to the right after have climbed the fence and then to the left. Follow the path until the end where the player has to go to the right and then immediately to the left. In front of you is the heavy elevator.

When starting as Ghost. Walk down the stairs and stealth kill the security guard. Run to the fence that should be facing you a bit further when you start. Climb over it and go to the right. There are some employees who will call a nearby security guard when getting attacked. At the end of this go the the left. At the left the elevator should be.

TIP: The perfect mix: At this point a lot of officers will start carrying weapons. It is recommened to start 'mixing' hand to hand combat with the use of firearms.

TIP: Shooting more accurate: To shoot more accurate, use focus. Another way is to zoom in to third person view but be careful because this makes the player unable to move. Using both these tactics at the same time is also possible.

At this point when playing with Ghost and Niobe doesn't matter because here they go the same way. There are two security guards guarding the elevator. These should be neutralized. After that there will come a security guard from behind you with an .380 pistol. In the room behind that where the player came from when playing as Niobe there is another one with an .380 pistol. If you play with Niobe there is a third guard with an .380 pistol at the left, behind the fence, when looking towards the elevator. Deal with all these threats or step in the elevator, as long as the character doesn't run out of health everything's is okay. When reaching the elevator a cutscene will start with the character entering and pressing the button to make the elevator raise. Then Sparks calls the player and tells him / her not to do that because cops are everywhere on that floor. But its to late and the lift opens which is the end off this part and the start of the next part.

Niobe vs security 3

In the distance, behind the two security's you can see the heavy elevator.

Unexpected Arrival (Niobe/Ghost)

TIP: When going out of the elevator there is a map at the left with the location of all officers on it. They are marked with green crosses.

Police men location map the matrix

This is the map with all the locations of the police officer son it. The are the green crosses.

When starting there will be about 5 police officers in the room. There is also a table with a Health Pack, two .380 pistols and a SMG9MM. After a few seconds the police will notice you. Three will run away and two will stay to fight the player, one with hand to hand combat and the other with his .380 pistol. Deal with these and go straight one. When going around the corner, a forklift will start up and drive towards the player. There is an officer in the forklift and two others taking cover behind it. There is another officer who is taking cover behind a pair of boxes. Watch out that the forklift doesn't hit the character and stay away from it when it hits the tube against the wall because it will cause an explosion that can kill the character.

TIP: Don't use the SMG9MM yet. It will come out of good use later on in the level.

TIP: hand to hand combat: When a police officer will get engaged in hand to hand combat surrounding police men will stop firing to prevent friendly fire unless one of the other officers is pretty close to the player and there is no friendly standing in his way to shoot the player.

TIP: hard to hit: Make sure you take cover to prevent you from getting hit or you can focus and press the jump button so you are harder to hit. You can also wallrun. Meanwhile you can fire some bullets in the enemy's direction.

Niobe vs police 1

Remember to use hand to hand combat to avoid other officers to shoot you.

Deal with these officers and go straight on. To deal with the police officers you should use the tips above this sentence. At the end you will have to go to the left. There will come an officer from around the corner firing his pistol. Take him out and continue with going to the left again. There should be about three officers in this hallway. At the end there might be even more police but mostly these officers run to the right into the next and final corridor. Eliminate these enemy's and go to where the other officers went. If the player is low on health he can go back to the beginning to pick up the health pack. There should be two officers at the right when reaching the end of the corridor. Take them down and go to the right into the final corridor where there are another three officers. Neutralize them and go to the gate at the end of the corridor into the room. There should start a cutscene where a police officer with a gasmask will throw a teargas grenade to the player. The character will jump onto a forklift and then onto the shelves. The police are sealing the doors and more gasmask officers are entering. The exit is at the other side, through a roof window.
Niobe vs police 3

Use focus and flips / jumps to minimize the change to get hit.

I suggest the player engages the officers in hand to hand combat. Run to them while doing focus plus dives and flips so the character almost doesn't get hit. He / she will take damage from the tear gas but this is very minuscule so go ahead. There are three gas mask cops you have to deal with and after that there will come three more. Take them all out and then go back from where the cutscene ended. Now the player won't get shot at while making his way. Jump forward onto the fence and climb up. Then climb to the left and drop yourself onto the shelves. Go to the left.

TIP: Jump over the next part because it will collapse and the player will have to climb up the fence again and then he / she must jump over the collapsed part.

Then go to the right and jump to the window on the roof of the room underneath you. Part finished!

Redirected (Niobe / Ghost)Edit

In this part the player starts in a small room. Go straight on through the door. There are two officers in front of the character and one at the left. They are easy to defeat in hand to hand combat. After thats done go through the open doorway at the left and then to the right. There is a fence with a table with two .380 pistols on it and behind that there is a open space. When the player gets near this a gate will open and 4 officers carrying 92FS pistols will start to open fire.

TIP: I recommen that this is the right place to use the SMG9MM.

Niobe vs police 2

Remember to use focus to have better accuracy

As the tip says, shoot them with the SMG. This is one of the parts where you HAVE TO use flips, jumps and focus our they will just take away all health the player has left in a few seconds. It will take almost all 30 bullets but if there are still a small amount of bullets left, use them whenever desired. (Recommend: Got It! lobby part.) Take the guns on the table and climb over the fence to take the officers pistols. The player could have walked to the left in front of the fence and then left again while the officers are still shooting but there is a pretty big chance they will kill the player because its a pretty big distance between that and the next corner. Climb over the fence again and take the right corridor. Go left at the end and watch the cutscene where multiple employees are searching for the package. When done the player will stand still with a fence a bit further. Climb over the fence OR diveroll through the glass from the offices at your right. Now there are a few shelves that will block half of the corridor. I mean, a shelve at the left, then one at the right then again at the left and so on. Behind the first shelve there is an officer. Around the second there are none but from in front of you there will come two. After the next shelve at the left there are two more but you can shoot through the shelve because there is a part without boxes. After that there is a pole in the middle of the corridor with an officer behind it and there will come two more from behind another shelf at the right. Deal with all these officers. Then there is one more shelve without any police behind it. A bit further there is a gate half open. The player will automatically duck.

If you play as Niobe there will be 4 more cops at the left which the player will have to kill. And after that he will have to climb through the vent at the left corner.

When playing as Ghost the player will have to take the door at the end left because the gate is closed. Go to the right and a bit further there is a window at your left. Dive through it and deal with the three officers behind it. Then the player need to walk past some of the offices and then go to the left and at the end to the right. Go through the door and take the other door at the end. Turn left twice and take the door at the end. After that there is a final door at the right which means the ending of this part.

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