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Esime was a female Cypherite who took over the role of liaison after Itarrot retired to undertake important duties in the Real on Syntax.


After having loyally served Zion for a period of time after her awakening, Esime soon began to loose her faith in her crew and the ideals of Zion. Feeling betrayed, Esime turned against them. It was during this time that she contacted a former friend and Cypherite named Royin. Through his guidance she was able to escape the lies of Zion and join the organization.

Following the reassignment of Itarrot, Esime joined the Blue Dreamer to take on his duties as a liaison. After Tranta's death and Haigen's departure, she remained the last liaison contact for Cypherites on Syntax.

She was briefly seen among other Cypherites in Mara shortly before the Machines restricted access to the Matrix.

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