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Exivy was a part of a new Cypherite liaison team on the Recursion instance, along with Stanten and Rejex, that was founded by the resurfaced liaison, Viraconrida, the former liaison. She serves aboard the Blue Dreamer, the Cypherite Flagship.


it is believed that Anne Dieudonne was the descendant of the French King, King Louis XIV. The machines force-awakened her due to her royal bloodline. The Machines believed that her genetic makeup might attract operatives in order to convince them to leave Zion. She was pissed that she had to leave her fabulous lifestyle behind, which resulted in her siding with the Cypherites.

Despite the fact The Machines revealed there are no existing reinsertion methods, she is nonetheless resilient that one can be developed.


She seems very protective of Veil. She usually has a calm demeanor but can quickly become aggressive if provoked.

  • Her redpill name, Exivy is based on XIV, the same lineage number as King Louis XIV.
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