During the extraction of Neo, he perceives a mirror as becoming fluid and bio-consuming.

In order to free a person's mind from the Matrix, it is necessary to locate and extract her or his body from the power plant where it's kept.

Candidacy Edit

Candidates for Extraction are apparently chosen by Resistance members/leaders. Common qualities sought include a penchant for rebelliousness, hacking skills, and a subconscious awareness of the Matrix. In times before The One was found, many will also aspire (or at least hope) to discover him.

Candidates are typically disqualified for Extraction if they are found to be overly mentally dependent on the Matrix or if they have reached an unspecified age limit. Attempts to free minds when these restrictions are disregarded result in the subject suffering severe psychological trauma.

Due to these criteria, candidates are placed under surveillance by the Resistance for a time. If a candidate is deemed fit for and deserving of extraction, they will then make contact in some way.

Offering the Choice Edit

Someone's avatar will meet the subject and offer a choice of two pills, a red pill and a blue pill. If the blue one is taken, the subject will remain connected to the Matrix, possibly regarding the encounter with the offerer as a dream, and be traceable to resistance members. The red pill initiates the extraction process when consumed.

Within the Matrix, the subject perceives distortions in reality that may or may not be hallucinations. These distortions spread across the subject's body causing her or him a sense of coldness. This is a dangerous phase of the extraction if the person's body isn't located in good time.

The red pill also acts as a catalyst for a trace program. An operator, or other qualified individual, can use this software program to trace the location of the subject's body in the real world. The subject will then wake up inside her/his pod, inevitably attracting the attention of a docbot. It will eject the subject from the power plant down a waste chute, necessitating immediate rescue.

Rescue and Hospitalization Edit

A Hovercraft must follow the newly awoken subject and rescue her/him from the waste liquid, typically with a grappling claw. The subject will be suffering from muscle atrophy and thus require immediate intensive care. The atrophy can be reversed with a high-tech medical procedure resembling acupuncture.

Once the subject has made a full physical recovery, an orientation on the true state of the world should follow using a Construct.

Notable Cases Edit

The extraction of The Kid is said to be a unique case. He experienced an in-Matrix death by falling but, bolstered by deep faith in Neo, he refused to believe it. He maintained his own awareness and continued to live in the real world.

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