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Fenshire was a Zionite captain of the first newly designed Sentinel Killer gunships, Devildog. Fenshire was somewhat unique among other redpills in the Matrix in that he served as both a Zionite and a Machinist. Fenshire was known and respected as the first leader of the Zionite faction The Trust and later gained fame as a moderate and member of the Machinist faction The Mega City Department of Energy, who prided themselves on working "with, not for" the Machines. Fenshire viewed his role as a Machinist as a diplomatic one, working with the Machines in order to expand on human-machine relations.

On the topic of the Truce, Fenshire often stated that if the Truce ever fell, he would immediately realign himself with Zion and the Trust, flying the Devildog, guns blazing at sentinels, to The Trust's Outpost One. Fenshire followed his word and left loyalist Machinists behind at the fall of the Truce, once again joining The Trust and fighting for Zion.

During his bluepill life, he onced served in the marines.

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