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Both in his pod and the Matrix

The unnamed protagonist of the Matrix Comics short story "Goliath" was an extremely big man (which the title refers to) born at some unknown time in the future in the Real World, but in 1958 London inside the Matrix.

When he was about nineteen years old the Machine controlled Earth was attacked by Aliens hurling asteroids at the planet, hitting the London central processing unit which causes his world to melt away into a puddle, leading him to believe that the world wasn't real.

The Machines put him back to sleep, and decided to use him to destroy the foreign threat. They manipulated the Matrix to be in an age of war so that the pilot can gain hardened experience in a relatively short amount of time.

When he was deemed ready enough, he was placed in a specially made spacecraft and succeeded in destroying the Alien threat. After the battle the pilot was quickly forgotten by the Machines, and was left to die in space with no way to return, but granting his final wish they returned him to the Matrix to live out what was left of his life.


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