This article is about the Matrix Online operative. For the Zion Council member see Councillor Grace.
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Grace was a former Zionite operative who is now a Furihata-based lone operator. She was originally assigned by Zion to keep surveillance on the Silver Dragons gang. During that time, she became involved with one of the gang's leaders, Long. Unfortunately, Long did not enter the relationship for love, but only as an opportunity to recruit redpills to his gang. Her love and interest in the Silver Dragons and Long gradually turned into an obsession that she spent every moment she can jacked into the Matrix, and slipping away from Zion.

Biography Edit

Chapter 8.3.1Edit

During this chapter, the Cypherites found Grace, who was pursuing Silver Dragon gang members across the International District. With the help of the Cypherites she was able to find what she was after, data that confirmed that she was among the RSI signatures in the archive captured by the Machines in order to terminate any humans that are dissident. She became worried that she would have difficulty finding the firmware which is necessary to configure her broadcast signal.

Chapter 10.2.3Edit

Later on, E Pluribus Neo helped the ex-Zionite settle some issues with her nemesis Ginjiro, who was the leader of the Silver Dragon gang. In return, she showed EPN the phoneline in her neighborhood Furihata that she used as an emergency exit whilst she worked for Zion. She also revealed that she was informed by Zion that the system was being shut down when the Truce was in effect.

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