FANDOM was an official website made by Red Pill Productions, which featured codes that could be used to access hidden parts of

It contained a single page with a background saying:

the matrix
hacked: 4/04/02

With a picture of an operator's keyboard. When you moved the mouse over certain keys a code appeared in a display space above it.

It was registered as early as November 1999, and redirected to from 2002. Despite now being redundant with taken offline from 2009, it is still online as of 2011.


Dead codesEdit

In addition to the codes above, certain codes were listed in the JavaScript which couldn't be found on the keyboard. While those codes above all worked on, the codes below didn't work in the the website at all, showing "Access denied (Enter E-Mail)" instead

  • reflection
  • Explosion
  • saga
  • agent
  • Jue

See alsoEdit

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