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Erica Haigen

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Haigen is a Cypherite in the Syntax instance of The Matrix Online. She served aboard the Blue Dreamer alongside Cryptos, Veil, Tranta, Itarrot, Recant and Esime.


Originally a Zion Operative, Erica served loyally in Zion's Army until the Truce was brought about by Neo's great sacrifice. Longing to return to a normal life, she attempted to be reinserted but her crew stopped her. Instead, they subjected her to a cruel punishment in which she was immersed into construct believing that she now had the life she longed for. After much time had passed, her crew entered the construct and tortured her fiancée in front of her and executed him. Believing that this would cause her to commit suicide, they left her there to die by her own hands. However, unbeknownst to them, their craft had been boarded by Veil and a team of Cypherites.

Erica's crew was murdered and Veil entered the construct curiously. Renewing her resolve, Veil offered her a place in the Cypherite organization as her liaison. Shortly afterwards, she returned to the Matrix under a new guise with the alias "Haigen" as a Cypherite Liaison. Her former life was now behind her.

Haigen's skills as an assassin and her network of contacts across the city made her useful to the organization. Much of her time was spent jacked in collecting information for Veil and communicating with the Cypherites. After the Truce ended with the discovery of New Zion, she donned the trademark Cypherite bandana. Her demeanor became much more hostile towards members of Zion and E Pluribus Neo factions.

After the Matrix was attacked by a rogue splinter of E Pluribus Neo, Libertas Veras, Haigen retired from active service in the Matrix. It is rumored that the devastating code bombs and Flame Virus may have contributed to this decision. Returning to the Real, she joined Itarrot with his mission to infiltrate New Zion. Demonax took over her duties as a liaison for a short time before also being reassigned back to the Real.

She was last seen among a group of Cypherites in Mara during the final hours before the access to the Matrix was cut off by the Machines.