Hotel on W66 Street

Harold Hobbs going for a walk in the neighborhood of the hotel

The Hotel on W66 Street is a hotel that Harold Hobbs stayed at twice. It's on the corner of the street, and has an Art Gallery in the area. The first time he stayed there he liked it, saying it was nice, and clean.

The second time however, his life had taken a turn for the worse after being contacted by an Agent trying to find his old friend Jeff Smite. Strange things seemed to be happening, and this time his room was very dirty: the walls were stained with sweat, there was moist dirt on the sheets and bugs in the bathroom. As he went for a walk nothing seemed to make sense to him any more, even beating back a mugger after his money, the world seemed to be falling apart. After a phone call on his walk from Jeff he went home, apparently not staying the night.


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