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Hoverpad being generated in 01.

hoverpad is a device that is implemented as an extravehicular component granting the capability of flight and agile manuverability.

A hoverpad consisted of a circular platform which generated illuminous electrical currents creating an electromagnetic field that suspended an object above ground causing flight. Hoverpads, when activated, would emit a fluctuating humming sound.


Pads of a Hovercraft

Hoverpads were invented and mass produced by the Machines of 01 and were distributed to humans all around the globe during the Second Renaissance. It was a completely new technology which took the world by storm as it practically eliminated the need for wheeled and winged transportation. The humans used these hoverpads in their hover-car and stratospheric bomber production lines.


Early 22nd century aerial bombers with hoverpads.

Needless to say, hoverpads were an integral part in hovercraft flight. Military grade hover pads are of a tougher and beefier design allowing them to stay functional after many hits and hard-knocks, this proves to be useful when travelling through old underground sewer and city networks.

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