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The Second Renaissance Part 2

Was a Human who served in the United Nation Army during the early stages of the Machine War and would be eventually captured along with numerous humans by the machines in order for them to find a new power source by experimenting on human biology.

 History Edit

at some point this human would volunteer to fight the machines during the machine war. its most likely he hated the machines and was present during the machine genocide during the Second Renaissance.

 Machine War and Capture Edit

during the course of the battle with the machines, the soldier would be captured by the machines and be experimented in order for them to find a new source of power. unlike the other prisoner this soldier has his face ripped open with wires plugged inside.

Due to his injuries, its unknown if he was alive or dead because he only moved slightly its unknown if that was him moving on his own or machines were moving him while experimenting on him. This Soldier's fate remains unknown