Hypatia (AKA The Librarian)
Physical Description


Exile Information

information gatherer

Type of Exile:

Human female

Chronological and Political Information



Hypatia (also known as The Librarian) was an Exile who owned an extensive private library in Chelsea, where she hoarded her information very carefully. Her henchmen where the gang known as the Bookwyrms, which where directly led by the Teacher.


Hypatia, who gave the Merovingian useful information in the past, was arrested during Chapters 8.2.2-8.2.3 by the Machinists.

She was the nemesis to the Coroner, who was also one of his primary sources. At one time stole data from him which provided the location of the a hidden construct which housed some of the General's Elite Commandoes. The Cypherites then stole the data back whilst she was in prison due to the organization's concern that the Merovingian's accessing of the simulation might do harm to the sleeping bluepills.

Prison BreakEdit

Eventually, a team of Merovingians, with the help of the Effectuator broke the exile out of prison, so that she could assist in the Merovingian's upcoming scheme. In return for releasing her from the Machines, Hypatia put the Merovingian in touch with the Archivist Society to find some information the specific incident recalled by Persephone (needs more work), but were able to look up yet another similar incident, this one having occurred during the first version of the Matrix.

She was also one of the Exiles that the Merovingian showed the Intruder to show interest in, though the Intruder, known as Halborn, was only mildly interested.

She was later confronted by Halborn when he believed that she had the Biological Interface Program and subsequently deleted her. However, she was imperfectly restored by her loyal Bookwyrm fans but was terminated finally by an Agent and with the help of the operatives removed the code fragments.

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