Agent Johnson
Agent Johnson
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  • Protect the Matrix
  • Keep the Resistance contained
Chronological Information
"Then you are meant for one more thing: Deletion."
―Johnson to The Keymaker during The Freeway Chase. [src]

Agent Johnson was the leader of the upgraded Agents in The Matrix Reloaded. His role was somewhat more significant than his cohorts, Agents Thompson and Jackson.


Crisis MeetingEdit

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The upgraded Agents attempt to defeat Neo. Agent Johnson starts off first with a perfect high spinning kick.

Johnson, along with Agents Thompson and Jackson, entered the building where the Crisis Meeting was being held, forcing the Zion operatives who were present to withdraw.

Neo fought Johnson to buy enough time for the other operatives to escape. Similar to his last fight against Agent Smith, Neo at first used just one arm to block the attacks of the Agent (in which he succeded without real effort), but soon discovered that Johnson, along with his fellow Agents, were upgraded since he managed to first grab the arm Neo was using to block his attacks, and then surprisingly blocked an attempted hit. However, despite being initially caught off guard by the Agents' upgrades, Neo still managed to defeat all three of them with great ease.

Freeway ChaseEdit

Johnson and Thompson

Agent Johnson riding 'shotgun' while Thompson keeps it on 10 and 2.

In an attempt to kill Trinity, Morpheus, and The Keymaker, Agents Thompson and Johnson took possession of two police officers and joined the chase. Johnson jumped onto the car Morpheus, Trinity, and The Keymaker were in, in an attempt to apprehend and delete the Keymaker. However, after dodging bullets from Morpheus' machine pistol with the aid of one of the Twins, Johnson was thrown off when Trinity braked suddenly.

Not too long after, he was informed about where Morpheus and the Keymaker were and, after taking possession of another police officer on a nearby overpass, immediately jumped to the semitrailer Morpheus was on and engaged him in combat. Despite Morpheus putting up more of a fight than Johnson expected, Johnson's upgraded combat abilities allowed him to quickly gain the upper hand and defeat Morpheus, knocking him off the truck.

Morpheus vs Johnson

Agent Johnson fighting Morpheus on top of a semi truck.

After this battle, Johnson assumed that Morpheus was dead, and informed the Keymaker that he is no longer necessary to the Matrix and was about to delete him. Unknown to Johnson, though, Morpheus survived his fall by landing on the hood of the car driven by fellow Zion operatives Niobe and Ghost.

With Johnson's attention focused solely on the Keymaker, Morpheus got back on the truck and launched a suprise attack, kicking Johnson off the truck and into an oncoming car. Johnson possessed the driver of the semitrailer that Morpheus and the Keymaker were on while Thompson took control of another, oncoming truck to ram Johnson's semi in an attempt to kill Morpheus and the Keymaker, who were still on top of Johnson's truck. However, Neo managed to fly in and save them at the last minute.

Ambush at the Nuclear Power PlantEdit

Johnson, along with his Agents, tried to stop Niobe and Ghost from blowing up the power plant. Ghost fought off Johnson, who was electrocuted by a damaged and sparking computer server.

Behind the ScenesEdit

He was played by Swiss actor and martial artist Daniel Bernhardt, who also starred in the mocked 1997 B-movie Future War.