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Matrix Wiki Jump Program

The Jump program is designed to run in the Construct as a training simulation. The program allows "redpills" to "explore" their ability to manipulate certain parameters of physics (rules) within the Matrix. The Jump Program is similiar to the Sparring Program in that the trainees can explore the rules of physics, but now a psychological barrier, the fear of falling, has been added.

Certain physical constants such as gravity, density
Matrix Wiki Jump Program Fail

Safe rubber-like landing for those who failed the Jump Program.

and velocity are maintained, but other physical laws are altered to make the program suitable as a training environment.  The streets are programmed to negate high-speed impacy, making failure a painful -- but not fatal -- experience.

Scenery Edit

Matrix Wiki Jump Program Morpheus

Neo watching Morpheus running through the Jump Program.

The  Jump Program is a simple urban cityscape consisting of high-rise buildings separated by paved city streets to allow the user(s) to practice jumping from building to building.


  • At the time Morpheus is introducing Neo to the program, the crew of the Nebuchadnezzarr are speculating on the success of Neo's pending "first jump". Tank reminds Mouse that "No one has ever made their first jump."
  • A similar but modified jump program is used by Morpheus to teach the Kid in "I Kant", which features innumerable Agents chasing after them, along with the Twins driving an armoured vehicle and RSIs of Neo, Trinity and Seraph after the former two's deaths.

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