Justine Kalt is the manager and founder of her own corporation in the Matrix, Kalt Chemical Engineering.

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I think your talking about Adam, yeah he's a cult member, he's got a book called wizardology, he took from me, and can expand on it. He always takes out the trash with it. He like to laugh at the stuff that has happened to me, and questioning if I remember my death. It's all a joke to him. He's with big red one. He exposes all the killers and naysayers. Hates the government. And lives very well off. He's a human, he came from the first of the humans. But probably doesn't know anything about reality. He's very much of a separate origine, but does however collaborate. For protection, he's got a bad mojo, called poltergeist. And he very much is aware of it, that's how he gets rich. He's protected. And is constantly reminded of it. He's beyond, all the occult stuff. And knows what's real when he sees it.

He can predict similar tools and stuff. Such as astrolabes. That sort of thing

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