Kalt Chemical Engineering was a company that was founded and managed by Justine Kalt. The Headquarters of this company is in Kedemoth.


  • Kalt Containment team: Each individual has a combat suit that bears the company's logo.


Chapter 10.2.5Edit

The Effectuator, affiliated with the Merovingian, was caught trying to gather information at Kalt Chemical Engineering in Kedemoth. The manager of the company herself appeared on the rooftops and gave a warning to the group of operatives to disperse. It was then beleived that she summoned her strong security force to make good on her threat.

Chapter 10.3.5Edit

When the Kid found evidence of tampered red pills from a courier that was abushed in by the Cypherites, Zion operatives decided to visit the Kalt campus and ask the manager to help Zion's ally, Brenda Utley and her company Pendhurst-Amaranth, while they were being dogged by a Machine backed lawsuit from rival Wright Research. Kalt's receptionist, however, had trouble contacting Justine Kalt at the operatives' request. After waiting, an Agent arrived and asked them to leave the building. Most of the operatives did not cooperate, and the Agent resorted to calling in S.W.A.T. teams to disperse the crowd. By the time the Machine-sided forces were defeated, the receptionist had already left, and made some operatives wonder if it was still possible to contact the manager.


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