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Khursun was a male crewmember of the Cypherite flagship, Blue Dreamer in the Recursion instance.

Biography Edit

Bluepill Life Edit

He was one of the few people to be aware of the Matrix through researching, years before he was given the choice. He began to detest the concept of the Machine War as a whole during the four or more years of 'studying'. He eventually came to the belief that he was not awakened by choice. Though his studies were undetected for years, the Agents eventually discovered them. Not many people knew what happened to him beyond that point.

As a Cypherite Edit

He was the first to be under suspicion when the original liaison, Viraconrida, was captured and later disappeared along with Theptism. After transferring to another Cypherite-affiliated ship, a traitorous crewmate uploaded a virus into his body, killing him and opening up the fact that there must have been another traitor or was framed.

Interpretation Edit

  • In Slavic mythology, Khurson (also called Hors) is the god of the sun.
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