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Legion gang leader: Jeezebeth

The Legion gang are an Exile gang within the The Matrix Online game, located in Sobra Shores. They are led by the Succubus leader, Jezebeth.

History Edit

Ranks Edit

Free ThinkerEdit

The lowest rank and status in the gang, who are more than willing to do just about anything to move up the ranks.

Autosthenic Edit

A rank up from the free-thinkers, this is what the lower rank strive to be. They have been know to have been a part of many battles. However, they are considered lower in rank and status to the summoner.

Summoner Edit

Higher in rank than the two lower ranks, they are willing to sacrifice many of them in order to destroy the legion's enemies.

Diabolist Edit

A step up from the Summoner, and that have survived through that time. The second line of defence in the gang.

Warlock Edit

higher ranked, but similar to Diabolists, but more honed in offence.

Imp Edit

Tactical officers, they command their diabolist and warlock troops with efficiency.

Chosen Edit

Demon Edit

Dark One Edit

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