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"I always wanted to meet a movie star, but Lelan was quite a surprise. Lelan is kind of old, kind of corny, but we love him just the same."
Neurophyte [src]

Lelan was the support engineer aboard the Novalis II. He is also a proven master of Karate.

Biography Edit

  • Source from MxO archive

In his bluepill life, Lelan was an incredibly well-known action/martial arts movie star. He had always sensed that something wasn't exactly right with the world – success and fame came to him as naturally as breathing, while others struggled to keep their heads above water.

After seeking his answers, Lelan was Awakened by the Novalis II crew. Lelan is in a unique situation with the Novalis II crew in that he is physically their elder, but most of the members of the crew have been Awakened much longer than he.

People, redpill and blue, still come up to him requesting autographs and referencing movies in which he was the star. His handle, "Lelan" was one of his most famous acting roles. Lelan loves the attention, as he is sometimes wistful for the bluepill life he led.

As he said in his last movie, Death of a Warrior: "We go forward, never back. You can't go back. Ever."

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