Les Enfants Terribles were a rogue private army of redpills who would later become affiliated to the Merovingians by their leader.



The members who would later become this group were among the many redpills that were liberated by the machines themselves after the establishment of the truth and the deletion of Agent Smith. These redpills became unsure whether to join the Machinists or the Zionites.

Interested in the unique feats of the human, which was unlike anything he had seen in all the exiles thatg he had seen and commanded. He then decided to make a project known as Le Enfants Terribles, which was designed to help enlist those category of redpills.

One of their own, Xeros, was appointed by The Merovingian to be their leader, and have willing served him.

Chapter 10.1.5Edit

With the departure of the intruders, Halborn and Carlyne, massive parties were arranged, one of which was at the Club Hel for the Merovingians, which was hosted by the Les Enfants Terribles.


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